Dr. Deepak GPSSD: BNYS (97), (PhD)

Integrative Medicine Specialist
Health & Happiness Coach

About Dr. Deepak

Dr. Deepak practices unique Integrative Medicine concept since 1997. Uniqueness of his approach is based on science of Individual-Constitution specific treatment modalities. His approach considers every human as unique mind-brain-body complex, manifested by unique face features & behavioural patterns. Hence medicinal approach needs to be very specific to constitution (nature of mind-body unit) of every individual for best results, thus generalising/standardising same treatment protocols for all people is absolutely not a great idea.

Dr.Deepak's approach includes Naturopathic medicine, Vedic medicine (origin of Ayurvedic science), Spinal adjustment techniques/medicine (similar to Osteopathy/Chiropractic), Nutrition medicine, Yogic medicine, Conventional medical science, Herbal medicine.

Dr. Deepak has been practicing Integrative Medicine through Consultations, Wellness/De-Stress programs for groups/corporates, Pain management, Stress management programs in India & abroad.

Currently: Bangalore, & few other cities
Past: Mumbai, Tiruppur/Coimbatore

Dr. Deepak treats pain conditions, migraine, vertigo, issues related to gastro-intestinal, digestive, respiratory, renal & nervous systems, women's health concerns, stress, obesity, metabolic disorders, heart health, skin & hair health, general wellness etc.

Celebrity Clients

Tony Blair
Tony Blair & family – ex. British prime minister

Helen – yesteryear Bollywood actress

Jaqueline Fernandez – current Bollywood actress

Ananthakrishnan – businessman in Malaysia (also associated with Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur)

Sustainable Wellness and Happiness Program

Dr. Deepak has delivered such program-modules to clients from Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Japan etc, conducted overseas.


Program Overview

Dr. Deepak's unique proprietary Integrative Medicine approach is focused on Natural & Holistic remedial measures feasibly applicable in today's routine living. The participants learn most essential remedies to make minor corrections to certain living methods, that have profound benefits to individuals’ physical & mental wellness. Participants may begin experiencing improvement in wellness & quality of life within a week of implenting DrDeepak’s recommendations. In fact, wellness for the whole family is imminent when all family members apply the remedies collectively leading to a better environment within the family. Other than bettering overall wellness, participants can notice efficient performance in their professions & routine tasks. Additionally, participants can experience overall improvement in emotional, spiritual & social wellness, reduced stress & anxiety, thereby creating a better basis for happiness & success.


Program Details

It's a well known fact that conventional Medical approach has mastered in cases of emergencies & surgeries but unfortunately it has failed in sustainable Wellness. In the initial phase of his medical career, he wondered why the ever advancing Medical science & technology were/are unable to have any impact on sustainable wellness of the population at large. Instead, number of people suffering from illnesses, disorders, chronic medical conditions etc has been increasing rapidly everyday. This alarming situation led him to research to understand the root causes of health issues & to formulate appropriate solutions. One of the root causes he realised was/is 'SAME APPROACH FITS ALL', this is a disastrous idea because every individual has UNIQUE body-mind nature that is evident by varied physical-psychological patterns & natural abilities. After years of research, he was pleasantly surprised on the revelations as to how simple it is to achieve SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS & that it makes interdependent basis for achieving HEALTH, WEALTH & HAPPINESS.

Thus based on his research & clinical experience of over 25 years, he was able to formulate an unique comprehensive, time-efficient MODULE for WELLNESS & HAPPINESS. Essence of this module is just TO LIVE ROUTINE LIFE A BIT DIFFERENTLY, for example - sleep is a routine need, but appropriate sleep-pattern makes it DIFFERENT to achieve medicinal benefits. Sounds A BIT DIFFERENT & feasible right! The entire module is just that feasible through LIVING A BIT DIFFERENTLY. Hence this module suits almost anyone.

Corporates, Companies, General public, Associations, Societies, Schools, Colleges, Educational institutes, Businessmen, Housewives etc can benefit from this program. It can be delivered in English, Hindi or Kannada.

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